❝ He whispered he loved me, and the storm in me fell silent. ❞ — jenn satsune (via ohsatsune)

There has never been a better year to get into QMJHL hockey! With so many exciting upcoming events this season and all those new talented prospects, you can only expect the best of junior hockey in 2014-2015! Join the movement, pick your favorite team and get ready for some quality hockey.

TVASports Stream for people outside of Quebec

QMJHL Live, available for free until the end of September!

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isabel gets so defensive over segs its amazing

"@GabeLandeskog92: God Jul everybody!! The annual cookie eating contest has started. I’ve already downed about 100 of them, so good luck beating me!

❝ Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I‘ve been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting. ❞ — Sarah Ockler,Fixing Delilah
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Danny Davis (PC Adam Moran) 

❝ I am lonely, yet not everybody will do. I don’t know why, some people fill the gaps and others emphasize my loneliness. In reality those who satisfy me are those who simply allow me to live with my ”idea of them”. ❞ — Anais Nin (via seabois)